Cruel and Unusual, I Say, Cruel and Unusual!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: You know what they say about coincidences – they take a lot of planning.
Okay, today I had way too much homework – seriously, it was cruel and unusual – so I’m tapping into my reserve of pre-written stories. I have more stuff that needs to happen before I go to sleep, so I’ll explain tomorrow. Good night, everyone!
I always wondered many things. I was always a curious little girl. I had a wonderful life, with two loving parents. I had an amazing boyfriend… I also had a beautiful sister, her name was Airyvieve. But sometimes when your ex-boyfriend is a psycho, in and out of rehab, your life is a little different. His name was Daniel. On the outside he seemed so amazing. He could sweet talk you into anything, but when you least expected it, he could completely go psycho. It was scary going to his house hoping he wouldn’t turn around and kill me. I had to be so very cautious, and I knew the only way I could break up with him was if he was in rehab. I knew I would be safe that way.
I remember the day exactly, February 15th, the day after that mushy gushy day, otherwise known as single awareness day. It was so stormy and gross outside; it seemed like perfect weather for what was going to happen that day. I knew it was time to break up with him, it just had to happen. There was another guy I had my eye on anyway, now look at me talking about the most precious guy out there, talking about him like he’s some kind of car that I’m going to buy. I mean these days, I can’t drive anyway. But you don’t need to worry about that. All you need to know is that on February 15th, I broke up with Daniel.
It being one of my last days, I can remember it perfectly. It was four-oh-three, PM. I recall that I had just finished my homework. It was for my Italian class, I think. Anyways, I had just worked up the nerve, the guts, to dial his number. I called once, and no one picked up. I called again, and no one picked up. I remember being overjoyed, ecstatic, even, at the prospect that he might be dead. I had jumped up and down, had even bounced on my bed a bit. Just to confirm my reason for celebration, I called once more. On the third ring, I heard a voice on the other line.
“Hello?” It was definitely a guy, that was clear. My spirits dropped a bit – Daniel was ‘a guy’. His voice sounded a bit gruff, and my spirits depleted a bit more. Daniel’s voice was gruff.
“Hi, is this Daniel? I asked, a bit tentatively.
“Depends. Who ‘ya callin’ for? I can be anyone you want me to be, baby.” I sighed, almost inaudibly. It was Daniel. That line was typical Daniel!
I took a deep breath in, it was time. “Daniel, I love you very much but… I think it would be best… for me… well, uh, both of us… if we see other people.”
“WHAT!” his tone was most definitely violent, not in a small way either, and I knew from past experience, he could, no, would definitely kill me if he was there, in my room. “I’M COMING TO YOUR HOUSE RIGHT NOW!” and then there was a click.
The only thing I could think about was a stupid boy in rehab and a little girl who claims to be a psychic.  But maybe that stupid boy was smarter than we all thought. I mean, maybe there was a possibility, a very small one at that, of breaking out of the juvie/rehab. But the little psychic girl, who claims that it would be raining the day I die, that I would be discovered blood covered, but tucked so perfectly into place and my makeup done beautifully. It had to have been some kind of nightmare though, I mean, she claimed I would be young when it happens. And up until eight thirty exactly on that February night, I was a young girl who had everything going for her.
It’s kind of like a Peter Pan thing, should of locked my window. I mean than no one could have gotten into my room. But there was me and Daniel, face to face. He covered my mouth with a rag soaked with chemicals, and with seconds, I was unconscious. He threw me in the car and drove to the school. Presumably, he wanted me to be awake and screaming when he killed me. And, really, even though I was unconscious, I came to terms with that. I was going to die, I was going to stop, I was going to end. He brought me to the boy’s sports locker room and raped me – I’ll spare you the details. Afterwords, he told me why he brought me here. He said it was because that he had gym first period and he wanted to hear the screams that would inevitably sound. He stabbed me in the neck and then he raped me again, just for the heck of it. Then he put me, hanging in the shower. Right before he ran, he shot his gun, and that’s all. I was already dead. By the way, you may need this for later, but im the reason for the security system, he brought a knife to school and he use to stab me. My sister told my parents this after I died. They actually listened to her for once, unlike they never listened me. It’s too bad they doubted her. But I guess everything happens for a reason. Anyway, it’s not going to happen again.
Freak incidents like this don’t happen often. It’s just because it’s me.  My name was Thirteen, how unfortunate; unlucky. Oh, well, as long as I can protect Airyvieve. That’s what matters. But it sucks that she already knows her own fate.
* * *
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Sincerely, Lemons

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Freedom, by the way on February 9, 2011 at 8:57 am

    grim. You waded into the darkness.


    • Well, this is another epilogue for a different book that me and a friend are co-authoring. The epilogue is going to add that mystery element, with everyone wondering how it ties in to the rest of the book, and then everything’s going to come together … it’s really very exciting. =)
      Sincerely, Lemons


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