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Contest 2.0 Recap


10> You have a reserved parking space with your name on it — at traffic court.

9> You spend an inordinate amount of time scraping hair and bone out of your front grille.

8> You get more unwanted tickets than friends and family of the Detroit Tigers.

7> After less than 10 minutes in your car, Saddam and his sons change their minds and now “feel like walking to Jordan.”

Here’s all the entries, a sort of recap. Enjoy!:

Red robes lined the small stage, with bursts of yellow sashes for anyone who had done something special. A spotlight was on us, seemingly positioned just so it shined in our eyes.

“… and to our graduating class, congratulations! Welcome to the next leg of the journey that is life. As you very well know …” Mrs. Ionkoo, our vice principal, rambled on and on. Some people called her Oinkoo, because of her unfortunate name, shape, and nose. Really, she was asking for it, she looked like a pig. The resemblance was uncanny.

After her speech-slash-lecture-slash-torture was over, there would be more from other people. None would matter; they were really very irrelevant, just like this whole Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony. The real reason everyone was tearing up (or all-out bawling in some cases, like Snotty Molly next to me), was because when this was over, we would be – wait for it …

High schoolers. And with that comes parties, peer pressure, and power (and “responsibility”).

Oh. Oinkoo sat down. Cue polite applause. Ike Bayletti, our valedictorian, stood up to announce another speaker. Next up: Superintendent-something. Moth? Goth? I didn’t catch the name. It doesn’t really matter, his speech is boring and predictable, just like Oinkoo’s. Oh well; he still gets some polite applause.

Wash. Dry. Repeat.

Speaker. Applause. Repeat.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Stupid repetition – it seems to go on for hours. I wish it would just be over so I can go home and eat some purple raspberry ice cream – my favorite. Of course, there would be an after party somewhere, but there was no way I was going. I probably wasn’t invited anyway.

Another speech over, more polite applause. This schedule was like a malfunctioning robot – Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Can. Not. Stop.

Repeat … repeat … repeat.

After another hour, it was finally time for diplomas, and Mr. Latdon, our principal, took the stage. In a voice that can only be compared to the wheezing of an old computer, he started to call out the names. Even though my last name starts with a ‘D’, it took a solid half hour to get to me.

“Leslie Derem.” Mr. Latdon said into the microphone. Is it possible for someone’s voice to be so monotone? I thought while I walked. Step left, step right. Step left, step right. Step left, step right. Even down to the very last moment, all this school has ever been is repetition. A half-hearted congratulations later, I was a high schooler. Cool?

When Mr. Latdon finally dismissed us, I stuck around. Why not avoid traffic? It’s easier to walk if there’s no traffic.

I strolled around the school grounds, with no purpose besides wasting time. Before long, it was time to get back and start walking before it got really dark, and I started to jog back around the school to the main road.

Just before the street was within sight, a balloon caught my eye. It was tangled in an overgrown bush that the school means to trim but really never does, blaming funding. It was a very good quality balloon, against all odds; mylar was typical at events like these, yet here is a real helium balloon, which has been drawn on and signed by family.

Quite a few years ago, before the incident, I had a get-together with a few cousins. I don’t remember why, as I was very young, but I do recall going to the fair. There were games galore, dessert delights, and ‘radical’ rides. Of course, there were balloons everywhere. Our parents had underestimated our spending capabilities, and we had already run out of money, so we made up our own sport: Balloon Wishing. The first person to see a balloon would get to make a wish, then throw it up into the sky. If it was kept afloat for longer than fourteen-seconds, the wish would come true. I had fallen into the habit over the years of playing whenever I found a balloon like this one, one that was good quality.

The world suddenly seemed silent. Soundless, as if I were in the vacuum of space.

I picked up the balloon, not hearing the bush rustle as I tried to untangle it. After a few moments, it was free.

I lifted up the balloon so it was level with my face,


and read it. Most of it was just simple things, like, “Congrats, Jenny” or, “So proud, Grandpa”. Nestled among the fake, forced signatures was a true gem. It was a famous saying, it summed up my entire life up to this very moment. The world is a very confusing place, how could it not be, but this helped put everything in perspective.

How could I rob someone else from knowledge and wisdom, maybe even hope? I tied it back into the bush. Pay it forward, I thought. Walking away, I finally found myself breaking free from the guilt still present from the incident.


and tried to see it’s story. I’m a firm believer in that everything has a story and a purpose. The names were accompanied by cryptic messages.

Rad, dude! That person got a paper cut! lol, Johnny

Do you know where I can find canned unicorn meat? Best summer evr!!!! Luv, Mary

What if cat really spelled DOG??? Haha,ur da best! <3, Penny

Most of the balloon was covered in these. They seemed to be inside jokes, but who knew? All of them were in colorful marker, with no distinguishable pattern. There was one, though, that was clearly different. It was written in plain black, for one, and unlike the rest, was neatly written in cursive.

Stay strong, Leslie. I love you. Never forget. -Grandma Heather

I almost collapsed right then and there. Johnny, Mary, Penny … those were my cousins. From those holiday get-togethers and the funeral. And Grandma Heather – could she be  my Grandma Heather?


and tried to decide what to wish for. I wanted so much, I needed so much …

… but Balloon Wishing wasn’t the way to do it. I tied the balloon back onto the bush.

Let someone else have a wish.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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You’re Never Going to Guess

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Really, you’re never going to guess what happens next. Enjoy!


As a few German Shepard’s – or that’s what they looked like, at least – lifted us onto a hovering metal plate, I tried not to panic. When the what’s-going-to-happen-is-going-to-happen-whether-I-want-it-to-or-not mentality didn’t work, I tried moving onto a different tactic. Since Ava was in the middle of our circle, she was least likely to be hurt. That had to be worth something, right?


After a few minutes of hovering on the metal plate, we started to see other plates with other people on them. Entering the ship, I saw a few neighbors who, by the looks of them, had been inside our local grocery store at the time of the explosions. I saw some kids from my school who are usually at the ice cream shop on the weekends. Among them were my two best friends, Melissa and Kathryn, but they were wrong, somehow. Their arms were bent at odd angles, and their faces were contorted with pain. When they saw me, however, their eyes brightened. At least they were alive-

Guys, Jade’s here! Was that Kat?

Is that good or bad? I think it’s kind of bad… Lissa?

Oh. She doesn’t know, does she?

Am I hearing your thoughts?

Yup. She has no clue. Jade, this ship is tricked up! You can hear anyone’s thoughts in here … we would have been able to hear the invaders-

Lissa, don’t you think they look like pets? I mean-

-but it’s all barks and meows and squawks. Oh. Pets makes sense. Does everyone agree? Do we call them pets?

Thoughtful yeses rose from the crowd of minds. This was so odd being able to hear everything’s thoughts-

Oh crap. If we can hear the Pet’s various forms of communication, then…

Everyone stop thinking! If we can hear their squawks and meows and barks, then they can hear our thoughts and plans and-

Various curse words rose from the crowd, and observations replaced planning.

Whoa! Lookie here, the walls are gray!

Who knew floors could be scary?!

What about the ceiling? You don’t want to forget to look at the ceiling!

That’s one thing about my town – they can be very boring when they need to be.

Meows droned out our pointless thoughts, and then came the high voice of- was that a translator? They had translators? As the fat orange tabby we saw earlier came into view, along with a skinny Egyptian Mau, my fears were confirmed. After a few more meows, the Mau spoke.

“I’m a, yes, translator. From now on, consider me her mouthpiece,” she said, cocking her head towards the tabby. After only listening to thoughts, real words were a shock. Standing up straighter, she began to talk for the tabby. “I am Queen Stunian, and things are going to change around here. First, we are going to stop all this ‘separate countries’ nonsense. The new country is going to be called Perld, and every one of you are now our pets. For centuries, you have abused us and used us for your own entertainment.” Spitting on the floor, the tabby continued to meow her message. “What’s the Human, or should I say Hoo, phrase for it? Get ready for a taste of your own medicine – we are done with your games. We are here to play some of our own.”

“After today, you’ll all be transferred to the ‘Jacks of All Trades’ Campuses, where you’ll be adopted by other Pets that either came with us or have been agents of ours – they will choose your course of study, depending on what they would like you to be. Take a Guard Hoo, for example. You will then follow the ‘Guardian’ course of study. If your newfound owner would like you to become a Battle Hoo, you would take the ‘Attack and Defend’ course, and so on. Until you are adopted, you will have a quota of classes to fill each session. There are severe punishments for not only rule breakers, but for those who don’t fulfill their quotas as well.”

“I have other cities to attend to, so I should say ‘Good Luck’. But that would mean I cared. Goodbye, Hoo’s.” Finishing her speech, both cats walked away.

We’re deeply, deeply screwed.

* * *

The same German Shepards from earlier came again, and after tapping the plates with their hind legs, the plates followed them deeper into the labyrinth of hallways that made up the ship.

These pets must have been really busy up until now, because you could see paint marks on the walls and scuff marks on the floor; the ceiling drooped and blueprints of various buildings littered the area. I even recognized some of them – there was the Taj Mahal, the White House, Birmingham Palace…

The pets weren’t taking over just America. They were taking over everything.

Even as my panic and hatred escalated, I marveled at the simple vastness of the place. The hallways could fit ten men shoulder-to-shoulder easy, and the ceiling was so high that you could stack two elephants with room to spare. There wasn’t just birds and cats and dogs here, that was for sure. But what else could there be? Who else could there be, for that matter?

Ava was being strangely silent throughout this whole ordeal. How could that be? Her nickname was Jabberjay for a reason, after all.

Ava, I thought in her direction. What’s wrong?

Look down, she thought back.

The urgency in her thought made me almost not want to see what had her so upset. After a short internal battle, curiosity won out, and I directed my eyes downward.


What was Kasey doing here?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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I’m Impressed!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If it’s zero degrees outside today and it’s supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be?

With myself! I’m impressed with myself – I’ve never written so much of one story before. I’m lovin’ it:


The nerve gas cleared from the air, and with normal oxygen came the ability to move. Of course, feeling came back slowly. After ten minutes, I could move my head and neck. At the thirty minute mark, I could move my torso. By the time an hour had passed, I could wiggle my toes. But now I was frozen into place not by chemicals, but by fear. If these Pets had hover cars – that was what the group around me and I had decided to call their flying limousines – and black foam that could stop fire, and they understood all of it, what else did they have? What else could they do?

The one thing that I did know, with a sickening certainty, was that all the scientists had said in the past five decades was bullshit.

* * *

By the time we had all unfrozen and gotten over our panic enough to think clearly, there were fifteen hover cars that had landed with about thirty Pets in each. Each had held a different species – some had had birds, some had cats, some had dogs, and there were others as well.

We were alarmingly outnumbered. For every one human, there were at least four Pets. And each Pet had a belt full of weapons.

Although Ava was still paralyzed by fear, I didn’t have that luxury. I picked her up easily, as she was still under a hundred pounds, but I had no clue what to do next. Drake was probably my best bet, since no one could afford to be mad at anyone else anymore. From the way they presented themselves, the Pets made it clear – it’s us against them.

After Drake realized I was trying to walk over to him without jostling Ava, a hopeless task in itself, he came over to me.

“We don’t stand a chance in a fight,” he said, already planning our next move. I must have been right about the whole ‘united front’ thing. “but I don’t know what else we can do. They’d be able to catch us if we ran, so what’s the point in that? It seems like the only thing we can do is just sit here but I can’t stand that!” Drake finished, out of breath for talking for so long and so quickly.

“Jabberjay!” said Ava, causing us to do the impossible – laugh.

“You know, Ava,” I said, suddenly finding a plan. “we’re going to need you.”

* * *

After I finished murmuring the plan to Ava, Drake, and the men he had brought with him to rescue us, everyone was looking at me in disbelief.

“What the hell are you thinking?!” “You’ll get us killed!” “That’s not even a possibility!‘ chorused throughout the group.

“Don’t you guys see? It’s not the only thing we can’t do, it’s the only thing we can do! Anything else will definitely get us killed. At least this gives us a chance!”

More discord arose from the unit. Everyone had been talking at a stage whisper, wanting to shout but not being able. Ava was the only one quiet, but she was clearly starting to get annoyed.

“Well,” Ava said innocently, immediately silencing everyone. “does anyone else have a better idea?” After about a minute of complete quiet, she hissed “I thought so! Now shut up, and play your part well if you don’t want to get us all killed!”

Wow. I had never known she could get so … mad.

“Now, Jade, what do I do?” she grinned, turning to me.

Grinning back, I answered, “I always knew I could count on you…”

* * *

Twenty minutes later, the Pets moved forward.

And, according to plan, we all showed our true feelings as clear as day on our faces – fear, mostly.

And, according to plan, we all stayed rooted to where we were standing.

And, according to plan, we all joined into a circle, protecting Ava, as soon as they came close.

Although we were all supposed to be scared out of our wits, I felt my expression turn from fear to determination. I was going to protect Ava as long as I was able.

However, when they produced another gas capsule, we all took steps even closer to Ava. She’s the only reason we might still be alive in the morning. But panic completely overtook me when the gas started to come closer.

This isn’t apart of the plan! the angel said.

We know that! Shut up and let her think! retorted the devil.

These. Voices. Were. Not. A. Good. Sign. But that devil was right – I needed to think clearly and be levelheaded right now.

“Everyone,” I whispered frantically, knowing we had little time. “Hug Ava! Now!” Not knowing what else to do, everyone followed directions. As far as they knew, we were doomed. I felt bad letting them think that this could be their last hours, but there was no time to explain. Protecting Ava had to be our number one priority if anyone was going to survive to see the next sunrise.

As the now familiar sensation of losing control of my body fell over me, I knew what the difference was between this moment and the last – we had a chance.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Ok, This Is Getting Weird …

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?

Well, here you go. This is getting weird – read this next segment to see what I mean:


We just sat there for a few minutes, laughing and crying and hugging, just being happy that we were both there, together. But after minute three ticked by, Drake started to get mad again.

“What is wrong with you two?! First you’re screaming bloody murder,” he said, pointing to me. Turning to Ava, he dropped his voice to a dangerous whisper.  “and you’re crying because you’re legs are being busted. We still don’t know what caused those damn explosions. And now you’re laughing?

Maybe it was his choice of words, maybe it was his tone; maybe it was the crazed, pained look on his face. But something there made both me and Ava stop laughing simultaneously.

He turned back to me. “Do you know,” he said, still in that dangerous whisper of his, “that I have no idea where my parents are? They’re probably in that call line, along with every other person unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the worst time.”


“Stop, Jade. It doesn’t matter what you say now, or if you keep laughing. You see the lumps covered in sheets that were living, breathing, people only yesterday. How can you-”

But he never got to finish. Because just then, the Pets came.

* * *

What looked like huge floating limousines populated the sky, and we all looked to each other, trying to confirm that we weren’t crazy, that someone else saw it too.

We all wished we were crazy a second later, when the floating limousines started dropping gas capsules.

White smoke started to come closer and closer, and me and Ava hugged tighter and tighter. By the time the gas had reached us, we had a death grip on each other. We had been separated during the explosions. We weren’t going to be divided again.

It finally reached our feet, and I was suddenly stuck in place. It started to climb up to my ankles, and I witnessed the same sensation of lost control everywhere it touched.

“Everyone, it’s nerve gas! Keep your mouths open, no matter what! Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time breathing.” Drake screamed, every word dripping with desperation.

I looked down at Ava. “Ready?” She nodded, and I did the same in response. “Expand your chest so you can still breathe. Good luck, Ava.” I saw, rather than felt, her go ridged in my arms. Setting a determined look on my face, I lost all feeling there too. Suddenly, the only thing I could do was watch as my town burst into flames.

* * *

It was odd, not being able to do anything but watch. I was yelling at myself – inside my head of course, I was lucky I could breathe, let alone yell! – the entire time. What are you doing?! Do something!

But as much as I tried, willpower couldn’t just make nerve gas go away.

The town continued to burn, for hours and hours. Whenever the fire started to come near us, one of the floating limousines would spray some black foam on it, stopping the fire in it’s path.

When the town was beyond repair; when it was completely charred; the black foam replaced the flames and everything that hadn’t collapsed during the fire diminished the moment the foam touched it.

Then the limousines landed, and everything else happening in my head gave way to worry. How could I protect Ava, or anyone else, if I couldn’t even move?

The doors opened in sync, and I went into a full scale panic attack. If they, whoever they might be, had wanted us all dead, why hadn’t they let the fire burn us? It wasn’t like we could have run away. Or was there something that was even more painful than death by burning? Maybe I was just overreacting, and they just wanted to talk…

Don’t flatter yourself, Jade. If they wanted to talk, they would have by now, the devil whispered.

Great. The voices were back.

Then something small, something furry, something orange stepped out of the limousine, and my heart nearly stopped.

I’m not so sure about that, said the angel.

Was the thing stepping out of the limousine a tabby cat?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Cool, Cool, Cool

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Since Americans throw rice at weddings, do Asians throw hamburgers?

Cool, cool, cool. Let me know what you think of this next part:


Then the scenery changed.

It was clear that I was in a dream. That much I could tell. But something was wrong. I couldn’t see a foot in front of me, or the hand that I waved in front of my face. So I turned around, and there it was – a pinprick of light, at the very end of the tunnel. I could see a silhouette, and in the odd logic the dreams often have, I knew it was Ava. Just  before I stepped to Ava, I felt a pull towards the dark side of the tunnel, and I looked back in that direction, on the off chance I would see anything. And I did – it was my parents, as ghosts.

So they are dead, then-

I brushed the thought aside; I didn’t have time to sulk. This dream had a sense of urgency to it, like it was crucial that I decide where to walk right now.

It should be easy. Walk to Ava. Your parents haven’t been exactly kind to you…

They’re my parents!

I had started to fight with myself again. Definitely not a good sign.

No matter what the state of my mental health, the nightmare went on for what seemed like hours. I was being pulled every which way, never deciding, never moving forward.

On and on and on…

* * *

Someone shrieking finally brought me out of the nightmare. Then I realized that I was the one screaming. It was quite a shock to find that I was screaming without trying to. Or wanting to, for that matter.

After I had calmed down, I opened my eyes to find Drake’s eyes not three inches from mine, his nose brushing against mine as I breathed. Drake’s entire face relaxed and showed only relief as he recognized the fact that I was responsive.

“My God, Jade! You scared the shit out of me!” Drake said, past relief and moving onto to the next step in the you-scared-the-shit-out-of-me! process – anger.

“Do me a favor, Jade – the next time you decide to faint, give me a defibrillator beforehand.” Drake shouted over his shoulder, walking to go get Ava who was a few feet away. Picking her up, and bringing her towards me, he managed to glare at me the entire time. But there wasn’t any time to worry about him. Ava was much more important.

“Ava! Ava, baby, are you okay?” I whispered, Drake finally putting her in my arms.

“It’s not that bad anymore, Jade. They gave me splints, some oxygen, cough medicine, and tons of painkillers. And my spine isn’t even broken! Neither are my feet or ankles! It could’ve been a lot worse, they said.” She paused, taking a breath.

“That’s great, Jabberjay!” I sometimes called her Jabberjay, since she developed her ability to talk profusely while she had a pet blue jay. She got the pet for her sixth birthday, and six years of the nickname had turned it into an inside joke.

And, in spite of circumstance, we both laughed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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Whoa! Requests … This Is New

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If it’s tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?
Thank you so much for the input on getting a cat, Freedom! (And sorry about that whole mix-up. But being gender-less is for the best – you’ll get way more readers.)

Due to requests – whoa. REQUESTS. – here are the next few segments. They were all a bit short, so I was able to shove in about three into tonight. Enjoy!


Ava was bloody. There was no other way to describe her. Red liquid soaked her pants and arms.

There was nothing you could do. The devil on my shoulder said, me trying to console myself.

There had to be a way to help her! The angel retorted She’s hurt! What kind of sister are you?

She’s not just hurt, the devil said in a matter-of-fact way, fed up with my whining.  She’s dying.

The news was too much for me, too much of a shock. Blackness, gratefully, let everything end…

* * *

“No! No!” I screamed at top volume, waking up. It was obviously only a few minutes later, because we still weren’t out of the maze of the collapsed house that had once been my home. But we were almost there – light had started to stream through the dust. Swerving my head around, I saw that the same man that had restrained me before was in charge of carrying me again. That was around when I started to panic. Where was Ava? Straining my neck, I was able to squirm the other way; Ava was right next to me. Thank God, I thought. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t seen her there…

As relieved as I was to see her, I had still more problems, all of them fighting for importance. Still stunned, I chose one that seemed easy: what the hell was happening here?

* * *

By the time we had navigated our way through the rubble, the sound of screaming and crying was getting louder all the time, and all the dust and dirt had finally settled. And when I finally had enough strength to let myself soak in the sight around me, I found myself wishing that the dust and dirt would hang in the air forever.

Bodies were strewn across the has-been street, and some people were trying to move them into something that resembled a waiting line. To identify the bodies.

All I could think was that could have been Ava. Our parents are probably in that line…

I took in a gulp of air to choke off the sob. I had to be strong. For Ava, if nothing else.

And then I realized that the ground was coming closer. They must have tried to make me stand. But my muscles were full of liquid lead, and the soil, covered in plaster, looked like soft pillows. Suddenly I was exhausted. Surely Drake – who I now remembered has lived across the road my whole life – wouldn’t be so cruel as to not let me sleep for awhile.

Only now the ground was coming towards me too fast. Definitely too fast…


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I Need Your Opinion

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Why do we wash bath towels? Aren’t we clean when we use them?

Quick note on my life: I’m thinking about maybe getting a Balinese kitten. What do you think? And, before you answer that, google Balinese kitten. They. Are. ADORABLE.

Because of Freedom, by the way’s comment, I decided to try to follow the story and see where it leads. Please be aware that there is some cursing, and here is today’s result:


“Drake! Drake! Help!” I shouted toward his voice. Then I turned to Ava. “Ava? Ava, stay with me; it’s okay now. Drake’s here. He’s going to help us!” I said, almost hysterical.

“Thank God. Jade? Jade, is that you?” he shouted in my direction.

“Drake!” I sobbed as he came into view. “It’s Ava! She’s almost crushed!”

“Shit!” he said to himself. Then, turning back towards the way he came, he hollered, “I need some help over here! Two girls!”

In a heartbeat, ten more men were there, ready to help us. One said, “Get your cat and move. We need to get this off of her.”

But he didn’t understand. I told Ava I wouldn’t leave her.  I promised, and she knows better than anyone that I don’t break my promises. So I will not leave her. I grabbed Kasey and started to stroke her, all the while holding on to Ava. I will not leave my sister.

When I wasn’t responsive, the man grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

”No! NO! NO! I told her I wouldn’t leave her! NO!”

“Shut up! We’re just getting the ceiling off of her!”

“No! No, no, no…” I sobbed, kicking and hitting the man’s back.

They don’t understand. I said I wouldn’t leave her!

Then I heard screams from behind me, and I threw the fight into full gear.

“This chick’s nuts!” The man shouted, his hands full with me. I was kicking, scratching, biting, pounding on his back. I needed to get back to Ava, and this idiot wouldn’t let me go! I made Ava a promise!

“She’s just in shock.  She’ll be fine soon!”

”Drake!”  I shouted, “Make him let go! I need to get to Ava!”

“Jade, you know I can’t…” he grunted, trying to help lift the ceiling.

“I thought we had something! I thought we were friends!” I shouted at him.  Then I went back to fighting the man holding me.

“Jade. Jade. Jade…” It was Ava. She was okay!

“Oh! Stop! Please!”

Oh no. They did not just hurt her! Biting and scratching, kicking and screaming, I managed to hurt the man holding me enough to make him let go. Leaping and tripping over the has-been ceiling, I eventually found Ava.

She was hurt.


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2.) Getting a kitty. Are you a cat person? Why not? Why are you? Should I get a cat? Why not? Why … yes?

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