You Are Going To Just LOVE This …

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Nazi Germany surrendered to the US on May 7th, 1945. Chuck Norris was born on May 6th, 1945. Coincidence?

Didn’t you just LOVE that? Ha, I’m kidding! What you’re going to simply love is this next segment of Elemental Warfare. This is the first segment of the next chapter, so I’m not including something so you can catch up or anything. Make sure to read the previous posts!

* * *

It was approximately 11:58. This was according to my watch – a watch that had been designed to work to the bottom of the ocean, giving a whole new meaning to waterproof. Apparently, it would work in the vacuum of space as well, but I planned on never being able to say, “Yup. I was there. In space. It worked like a charm …” My dad has it automatically synchronize with his every night, so it was never wrong – because, clearly, time revolved on what my fathers watch said, and not on how fast the Earth rotates and revolves but, in Lavaloto, it kind of did.

The opener bouncies must have partied last night or something, because they were too exhausted to even check their watches when I said it was time for my shift to end. I bet that I could have asked an hour earlier and they wouldn’t have noticed.

Currently, I was about halfway to LAVA On The Rocks. And since it was 11:58, no, 11:59, I had a minute to get there. Obviously, I would be late, but I believe that my dad was slowly, very slowly – very, very, slowly – getting accustomed to the fact that the world hasn’t invented instantaneous teleportation yet and that it actually takes time to get places.

But, then again, probably not.

Once more, Winston was holding open the ropes for me, and ran faster than a horse in the Kentucky Derby. A mere eleven-point-two seconds later – according to the watch – I was standing, yet again, in front of that damn door. One deep breath, a quick straightening of my funky orange dress and putting on of my lemon-wedge shoes later, I was opening the door.

And … and … and …

He was in his chair. Again. Clack. That was the sound of my heart chipping away.

Stood there, waiting for him to invite me to sit down, like usual. He didn’t, for once breaking his routine.

“Hello, Savannah. Did you have a pleasant morning?” I stood there, in a state of shock, for a moment before getting myself together.

“Yes, Father. Thank you for asking.” I smiled just a tiny bit. Was this the beginning of the end of the dictatorship? But then, I looked into his eyes. Something I hadn’t done in a long, long time. They were a pale blue, almost gray, like mine. There was something off, though. Something was wrong …

Yes! That was it – the moment I had smiled, his eyes had given him away. I saw his emotions flash before his face – anger, fury, frustration, and then the mask that he wears when there’s company- company. My mother. She was here. On my birthday. That hadn’t happened since before they had split up, when I was one. Quickly, my eyes darted to his left. About halfway down the table sat my mother. She was wearing something cheap, probably from a chain department store. Her hair was pulled back into a messy bun that was obviously not messy on purpose, for style reasons, but actually messy. It was the same wispy white color as mine. It wasn’t white like an old persons, more like a platinum blonde that was too platinum. I always loved this color, and I had this one streak in the front that I dyed depending on what I was feeling that month. She never dyed it, but more just let her hair hang there, limp. I must have been staring for a second too long, because my father spoke again.

“Darling!” Darling?! He has never called me darling before in my life! “Why are you just standing there, dear?” Oh, and now with the dear?! “Come sit!” Then he smiled.

Well, he tried to. But it looked like he was in pain.

When I started to walk to my usual seat, at the end of the huge, twelve-person table, my father seemed to insist on giving me a heart attack. “Sweetheart,” Sweetheart?! Holy mother of- “Come sit at your usual seat.” When I turned around, he was motioning for me to sit next to him. Barely maintaining composure, I sat down gently into the seat. “Well, don’t be shy!” I stared at my father, my eyes boring into his soul. Who are you and what on Earth have you done with my father?! “Say hello to our -“ He stuttered for a moment. “Our guest.”

I revolved slowly in my seat, and nodded. “Mother.”


* * *

Oh yeah, Savannah’s mother is back! (And better than ever?)

Make sure to tune in tomorrow, and thanks for sticking with Keep The Lemons. I really hope you enjoy the story – let me know below!
Sincerely, Lemons


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Freedom, by the way on February 8, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Something’s afoot, no doubut about it. Can’t wait to see what it is!


    • You’ll see when you read February 9th’s post: We’re Getting To The Juicy Part! Now is when we’ll really start to get into the real plot.
      Sincerely, Lemons


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