Whoa! Requests … This Is New

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If it’s tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?
Thank you so much for the input on getting a cat, Freedom! (And sorry about that whole mix-up. But being gender-less is for the best – you’ll get way more readers.)

Due to requests – whoa. REQUESTS. – here are the next few segments. They were all a bit short, so I was able to shove in about three into tonight. Enjoy!


Ava was bloody. There was no other way to describe her. Red liquid soaked her pants and arms.

There was nothing you could do. The devil on my shoulder said, me trying to console myself.

There had to be a way to help her! The angel retorted She’s hurt! What kind of sister are you?

She’s not just hurt, the devil said in a matter-of-fact way, fed up with my whining.  She’s dying.

The news was too much for me, too much of a shock. Blackness, gratefully, let everything end…

* * *

“No! No!” I screamed at top volume, waking up. It was obviously only a few minutes later, because we still weren’t out of the maze of the collapsed house that had once been my home. But we were almost there – light had started to stream through the dust. Swerving my head around, I saw that the same man that had restrained me before was in charge of carrying me again. That was around when I started to panic. Where was Ava? Straining my neck, I was able to squirm the other way; Ava was right next to me. Thank God, I thought. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t seen her there…

As relieved as I was to see her, I had still more problems, all of them fighting for importance. Still stunned, I chose one that seemed easy: what the hell was happening here?

* * *

By the time we had navigated our way through the rubble, the sound of screaming and crying was getting louder all the time, and all the dust and dirt had finally settled. And when I finally had enough strength to let myself soak in the sight around me, I found myself wishing that the dust and dirt would hang in the air forever.

Bodies were strewn across the has-been street, and some people were trying to move them into something that resembled a waiting line. To identify the bodies.

All I could think was that could have been Ava. Our parents are probably in that line…

I took in a gulp of air to choke off the sob. I had to be strong. For Ava, if nothing else.

And then I realized that the ground was coming closer. They must have tried to make me stand. But my muscles were full of liquid lead, and the soil, covered in plaster, looked like soft pillows. Suddenly I was exhausted. Surely Drake – who I now remembered has lived across the road my whole life – wouldn’t be so cruel as to not let me sleep for awhile.

Only now the ground was coming towards me too fast. Definitely too fast…


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Sincerely, Lemons


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Freedom, by the way on February 16, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Like it! Can’t wait to find out what happened–an earthquake? Gas line explosion? Tornatdo?


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