I Need Your Opinion

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Why do we wash bath towels? Aren’t we clean when we use them?

Quick note on my life: I’m thinking about maybe getting a Balinese kitten. What do you think? And, before you answer that, google Balinese kitten. They. Are. ADORABLE.

Because of Freedom, by the way’s comment, I decided to try to follow the story and see where it leads. Please be aware that there is some cursing, and here is today’s result:


“Drake! Drake! Help!” I shouted toward his voice. Then I turned to Ava. “Ava? Ava, stay with me; it’s okay now. Drake’s here. He’s going to help us!” I said, almost hysterical.

“Thank God. Jade? Jade, is that you?” he shouted in my direction.

“Drake!” I sobbed as he came into view. “It’s Ava! She’s almost crushed!”

“Shit!” he said to himself. Then, turning back towards the way he came, he hollered, “I need some help over here! Two girls!”

In a heartbeat, ten more men were there, ready to help us. One said, “Get your cat and move. We need to get this off of her.”

But he didn’t understand. I told Ava I wouldn’t leave her.  I promised, and she knows better than anyone that I don’t break my promises. So I will not leave her. I grabbed Kasey and started to stroke her, all the while holding on to Ava. I will not leave my sister.

When I wasn’t responsive, the man grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

”No! NO! NO! I told her I wouldn’t leave her! NO!”

“Shut up! We’re just getting the ceiling off of her!”

“No! No, no, no…” I sobbed, kicking and hitting the man’s back.

They don’t understand. I said I wouldn’t leave her!

Then I heard screams from behind me, and I threw the fight into full gear.

“This chick’s nuts!” The man shouted, his hands full with me. I was kicking, scratching, biting, pounding on his back. I needed to get back to Ava, and this idiot wouldn’t let me go! I made Ava a promise!

“She’s just in shock.  She’ll be fine soon!”

”Drake!”  I shouted, “Make him let go! I need to get to Ava!”

“Jade, you know I can’t…” he grunted, trying to help lift the ceiling.

“I thought we had something! I thought we were friends!” I shouted at him.  Then I went back to fighting the man holding me.

“Jade. Jade. Jade…” It was Ava. She was okay!

“Oh! Stop! Please!”

Oh no. They did not just hurt her! Biting and scratching, kicking and screaming, I managed to hurt the man holding me enough to make him let go. Leaping and tripping over the has-been ceiling, I eventually found Ava.

She was hurt.


I would really love your opinion on two things:

1.) This segment! Leave a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog!

2.) Getting a kitty. Are you a cat person? Why not? Why are you? Should I get a cat? Why not? Why … yes?

And a thank you to Freedom, by the way’ comment yesterday on his favorite line. You really made my day.

Sincerely, Lemons


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Freedom, by the way on February 15, 2011 at 6:06 am

    Story: I’ve never (thank God) been in a situation like this, but it plays out very realistically to me. Does Jade just “think” the rescuers hurt her sister because she’s partly hysterical? I can’t imagine they would purposely hurt a victim they were trying to help. You know, of course, you can’t end the story here. (smile).

    Cat: I used to consider myself a cat person growing up because for years, that’s all we had. But they were all outdoor cats and I used to tell my mom that I could’t wait until I grew up so I could have an indoor cat. (She hated animals indoors). When I was 13 we got our first dog-a collie–and I was smitten. (still loved cats, though). But now, I’m a dog person first (a big dog person–you don’t have to worry about tripping over a big dog and they are very comforting, plaful companions that provide a feeling of security). I haven’t had a cat in a long time–mainly becuase I’ve had big dogs! But I love cats. They are much less maintainence than a dog. If you have an indoor cat, you can leave them for a few days if you have to with plenty of food, water and fresh litter and they will be fine. (Not so with dogs). I am not familiar with the breed you are considering–but I did google it–they sound quite intelligetn. Every cat I’ve owned has been a “mutt”.

    On more thing, Lemons,–you are as bad as me “assuming” I am a man (re your comment about “his” favorite line.) I know my pen name doesn’t reveal anything, but I am a woman. If you read my “about” page you will learn that I am a wife and a mom. Not revealing my age–that may or may not be apparent in my writing. Actually, maybe it’s a good thing my writing is genderless? I’ll have to ponder that.


  2. Posted by Freedom, by the way on February 15, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Excuse my many typos in the above reply. It was extremely early in the a.m. when I replied and my brain & fingers were not in sync, yet!


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