I’m A Bit Disappointed In Myself

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If all those psychics know the winning lottery numbers, why are they all still working?

Well, I am a bit disappointed in myself – I didn’t do any writing for Elemental Warfare today. However, I was kind of getting the feeling that there was more to that other story than I originally wrote, so I wrote a bit more for it. It’s a little short, but I hope you enjoy it.


Something told me to keep running, no matter what, so I did. After what seemed like an eternity, I realized that, by some miracle, I knew what I had to do. That’s when a single light, my North Star, and lone source of hope, appeared: the drawbridge, only half closed. I found myself sprinting for all I was worth, and praying that it was enough. Suddenly, that same something told me to jump. Immediately. I did, and found myself flying. The sensation lasted for a few seconds, but my common sense told me to think logically; where the hell was I going to land?

I looked around frantically, searching for somewhere safe to arrive. Apparently, the dust had other plans. I couldn’t see how high I was, I couldn’t see where I was, and I couldn’t see where I was going.  In desperation, I threw my arms up in a flimsy attempt to shield my head.

All of a sudden, the dust was gone. I felt the itchiness in my eyes start to fade, and opened them instantly. To my astonishment, I saw the ceiling of the lobby. Acting completely on instinct, I tucked myself into a ball and started to roll. I felt my feet hit the plush carpet that lined the magnificent building, but kept spinning. After what seemed like an eternity, I hit something. Something… soft. Sensing safety, I instantaneously fell into a dream-disturbed slumber.

I knew I’d been asleep a long time when it hurt to stretch my toes. As I (painfully) started to twist around, I took in my surroundings. I immediately regretted my decision. White was everywhere; white beds, bed sheets, curtains, floors, and walls temporarily blinded me. It didn’t help that the sun was radiating light from the highest point in the sky. Even so, I recognized this room as the infirmary. I warily took a peek at the only non-white thing: the always-here-and-moving nurse, Clary. Detecting a change in someone’s breathing, she whipped around and skimmed over the beds, looking for a flickering eyelid, or maybe someone who was breathing just a little too fast. In my groggy state, my reaction time wasn’t exactly at light speed- and Clary caught me.

“Nikki! You’re up! I thought you would be out for a little longer… you went through such a terrible ordeal.  I was starting to get worried when you didn’t show up for lunch last Sunday!”

“Hi Clary.” The words came out sounding like mush.

“Oh my… I’ll go get some nectar…”

I probably should explain about Clary. With me being the klutz that I am, I probably know Clary better than I should. Usually, every Sunday, me and Eliza (we’re practically attached at the hip)  go over for lunch. That’s when Clary flicks into Paula Deen mode. I’ve never seen anything like it. All forms of talking, moving and staring become forbidden. Anything less than perfect statue-ness earns a lecture on etiquette, lasting anywhere from three to 10 minutes. Thankfully, she has a very short attention span.

“Nikki? Nikki, honey, can you try to sit up?” Clary said.

“I’ll try.” Once again, I spoke in complete and total… mush. It seemed to be my new language.

“Here you go, here you go.” She whispered as she shoved a straw in between my lips. Guesstimating that I had more or less five seconds before my stomach betrayed me, I took a long slurp of Hermes Helper© nectar. Instantly, I felt like I was soaring.

“NIKKI!” There was Eliza’s signature shriek.

Cue Clary! “Eliza! Shh!”

Ignoring Clary’s insistent tugs toward the door, she dropped her voice to a stage whisper. “Omigosh, ARE YOU OKAY? I’ve been worried SICK!”

“You’re not the only one.”


Emmett is my big brother. My big big brother. He’s 17, eerily bear-like, and has a warped sense of humor, but he always there, and I love him for it. He is a little impulsive sometimes –


My big brother, Emmett- who just tried to run over a bed, and failed. Like I was saying- impulsive.

Nevertheless, it was quite a funny scene. Emmett sprawling over an empty bed- with his head at the foot of the bed and his feet at the head. Eliza trying not to start rolling on the floor, mostly because of the very loud noise Emmett just made and the trouble he’ll no doubt be in. And, naturally, Clary’s expression of furiousness. I couldn’t help it- I broke into a fit of laughter.  But when her glare pivoted onto me, and everyone else in turn, we fell silent. Then she swung to face Emmett.

“You. Outside. Now.” She hissed. Sensing that this wasn’t the Clary he knew and loved, Emmett quickly obliged. When he started to raise his hand to wave goodbye, Clary practically threw herself at him.

I love Clary.

Dragging Eliza behind her, she pointed to me. “You! Stay.”

“Yes ma’am.” I said quickly. It wasn’t safe to make her any angrier when she was in this state.

I must’ve fallen asleep, because when I woke up the sun was gone and the night looked like velvet. There wasn’t any moon out tonight, but you could still make out the stars. It felt like you were looking straight up at the underbelly of Olympus- which, I guess, we were. Midpoint is sandwiched in between “Earth”; an underground world where anyone who isn’t Midpointan lives; and Olympus, which is right above the clouds. The original Olympians live there, along with the richest Midpointans and any demigods that exist.

You see, the Gods were here before anybody- Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, and Aphrodite just to name a few. Once Prometheus made man, and Hephaestus women, people worshipped the Gods for centuries. Soon, since the Gods didn’t show themselves much, people began to lose faith. Sometime in the early 1900’s Hermes, the patron God of thieves, liars, and anyone who uses the roads, decided he was tired of being called a myth. He searched the Earth for an island that was remote enough that no one knew about it, and found what today is called Chamili, Greece. What he saw there- our people- stunned him. He decided that he would reveal himself as a true God. When Hermes told the tribal leader what he was, the Chief immediately sent messengers to tell all the people of the God (the island consisted of about 300 people.) Hermes was showered with gifts, and he solved a few problems on the island. After about a week, he left. Disappeared. Vanished.

The islanders thought he had gone to another nearby island that was a 3 day journey by boat, so they sent a small crew to go ask.

This was a mistake. The gods saw this, and were outraged at Hermes. Maybe he didn’t like being called a myth, but the others did. It was so much easier to rule the world when there weren’t all those whiny people with their complaints demanding they fix everything! They told Hermes that he had to fix what he started, and (along with some other minor Gods and Goddesses) he embarked back into Earth.

They gathered up the islands inhabitants and all signs of their presence, and up they went to the surface- what is now known, almost a century later, as Midpoint.


So? Whaddya think? Leave a comment, and sign up for notifications! Hopefully there will be more Elemental Warfare tomorrow.

Sincerely, Lemons



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  1. Posted by Freedom, by the way on February 13, 2011 at 8:10 am

    Re; Thought for the day–did you read about the guy (mathematician) who actually figured out how to beat a scratch off game in his state? (I think it was NC). Instead of cashing in, he alerted the lottery folks and they pulled the game! Is he just painfully honest or stupid?

    Story: OK so she doesn’t die. (Ah,you killed that great death scene–pun intended). Isn’t Paula Deen the Southern cooking guru? Do I have her mixed up with someone else?
    The slipping into Greek mythology–stil working through that transition in my mind.


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