Plot Time, Plot Time! Yay!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is that considered a hostage situation?

I wasn’t able to write a lot today, only the very last star section, because of a huge project. So today I’m going to post a bit extra, to make sure everyone is caught up and on the same page. Enjoy!


Ah. So this is why my mother had came for my birthday – custody. “Right.” I replied. It wasn’t fair for them to jump me like this. I needed to think. “Look, I have a lot on my mind right now, and you’ll still spiral into a legal battle anyway, so can I get back to you later?” It was ballsy, yes, but my father wouldn’t do anything in front of my mother, and vice-versa.

My father, evidently, saw that as an opportunity to go for my mother’s jugular. “Well, dear, I always listen. It’s this … thing … that ignores your wishes! I always listen!”

My mother, apparently, couldn’t let that slide. “What on Earth are you talking about? I talk to her every week on the phone!”

“Yes, and she lives with me and talks to me every day!”

Whoa. They both really wanted custody. I’m not sure why, because my mother and I hadn’t talked since her last visit and my father hasn’t done much blabbing beyond a “Hello. Sit.” and “Dismissed.”

Tempers continued to rise. “Well, that’s about to change, isn’t it!” my mother spat.

Okay, I’ve been through a lot. Problems as a kid socially, problems as a teen academically, but I had always had a constant throughout all of it: I had a place to come home to tonight. There would be no screaming there. A nice, calm place to get my work done and focus on what I love to do – acting and dancing.

I only had one constant – that peace and quiet – and now it was all changing. As their voices reached a volume that can only be compared to my father’s private jet, I had took enough. “I’m done!” I shouted at them, though I’m not sure if they even heard me. Dropping the towel as I went, I practically dove into the ocean. At least it would be quiet underneath that water, with only peace surrounding me.

At least, that’s what it was like on a regular day. Today, though, the ocean can only be described as feisty. Before thirty seconds had passed, I found myself a slave to the current and I couldn’t get up.

The lifeguard was on his way, for sure. He had already been jumping off the stand where he patrols when I had started to run. But, even though I knew help was on the way, I let the ocean take me. I stopped fighting it.

It was almost as if some higher purpose told me not to worry when I suddenly felt myself rushing downward, far deeper than the ocean …


I won’t go into much detail about that time in the dark water. I wasn’t much afraid, because it was almost as if I could breathe underneath it all. The curious thing, though, was the period I was under. It was timeless, as in it’s impossible to measure. A year, a second. Five months, five minutes. Anyone’s guess is as good as mine, especially when I woke up in a hard lobby of turquoise.

Seriously, it was made of bright blue, pure turquoise that almost looked as if it were flowing around me. It was magical, really, there was no other way to describe it. Everywhere I looked, blue reigned. There was a throne at the other end of the long area, and a high domed ceiling,with gorgeous tiles and intricate patterns in-between. If it was any other time – really, any other time – I would have stopped to smell the roses. In reality, whenever I tried, I just got pricked by thorns. This place, it was different. I could feel it, deep in my core.

Sometimes, when my father got me really mad, and my deep, quiet breaths weren’t helping, I would envision a huge sphere of red light in my center. Slowly, I would figuratively squash it until the red glow had been replaced with a pure blue, just like the color that surrounded me now.

This was like all of those times – and believe me, there had been many – when my core had been a pink, or panicked. Now, just being surrounded by all this peaceful blue and quiet stone, with the sound of water rushing through sounding so near, my little sphere was turning a brilliant blue.

Suddenly, I remembered the precise reason why couldn’t stop and smell those roses. Next to the huge throne, there was a door. It seemed puny, really, being right next to that huge chair, but it was still a door. And doors lead somewhere. And, usually, that ‘somewhere’ was answers.

I sprinted across the tile, one part of my mind trying to remember everything about this place, just in case I couldn’t get back. I really hoped I could, because this was the singular most beautiful place I had ever been.

Before I got halfway to the door – it was a really long room – a woman appeared, sitting In the throne. The situation was crazy, or maybe I was the crazy one, because the throne was as high as a two-story building and as wide as two of Steve Jobs’ mansions put together.

And, I had to be crazy because although she was pretty, the throne seemed a bit small for her. It was impossible to believe that the throne could be small for anyone, much less her. Her hair was the same as mine, that same too-platinum-platinum-blonde, but her eyes were somehow brighter than the turquoise that surrounded us. Anyone that big, though, couldn’t be safe for me, someone who’s short even compared to the rest of the kids my age.

I kept sprinting. She kept watching me.

A few seconds passed, her watching me all the time. Finally, she murmured, “Amazing.”

If she had said almost anything else, I would have kept on running for that door. But she honestly sounded intrigued, maybe even mystified, at my … running? That couldn’t be it!

I skidded to a stop. “What?” I asked defensively.


We’re really getting into the plot now, and I’m really excited. Yay! Plot Time!

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments, and of course, subscribe for notifications!
Sincerely, Lemons



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  1. Posted by Freedom, by the way on February 11, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    A water fantasy perhaps? And what will the queen with the turquoise eyes tell her? I’m waiting…


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